Almost the end of the road for open-reel tape - but not quite
Monday, January 29th, 2007

Open-reel magnetic recording tape, once used by every broadcaster, is almost obsolete. The only remaining manufacturer of professional audio tapes is based here in the Netherlands. After more than 60 years, Quantegy Recording Solutions has discontinued producing tapes due to falling demand, as most broadcasters have switched to Hard Disks for storing their programmes. Quantegy itself produces a family of hard drive storage systems, and plans to continue with that technology.

For about two years, Quantegy was the only manufacturer of open-reel tape in the world. Last year, Netherlands-based RMG International began manufacturing Emtec tape products. RMGi says that “The discontinuation of Quantegy’s Professional Analogue Audio Tape is NOT the end of Analogue Audio Tape. RMG International BV will continue their dedication towards Professional Audio Tapes. ”

On its website, the company explains that “RMG International BV has a slim organizational structure, which enables low overhead & efficient operation. Due to this small company size (compared to Quantegy), RMG International BV has been able to produce and market these analogue audio products in an economical way. ”

(Sources: Quantegy, RMG International)