Egyptian Copt businessman to launch Cairo-based private satellite TV
Monday, January 29th, 2007

Text of report by Egyptian news agency MENA website

Cairo, 29 Jan: Egyptian [private] satellite “OTV” channel will be launched from Cairo at 1800 local time (2000 gmt) Wednesday evening [31 January] on Egyptian satellite Nilesat. The channel aims to present the Egyptian society’s views, especially the youth, on life as it is in Egypt and how the society can overcome their problems in a practical way without any religious or political leanings.

This was announced today, Monday, by Egyptian renowned [Copt] businessman, Eng Najib Sawiris, at a news conference in Cairo. He affirmed that the channel would be the first in a series of culture, arts and music channels.

On his part, the channel’s chief executive, Abdallah Bakr, said “OTV” would present many Egyptian cultural and entertainment programmes that would reflect our life and society as they are. He added that it would aim to change the wrong conceptions and negative aspects in our society through self-criticism in an interesting and entertaining way. He indicated that the channel would also show various Arab and foreign movies as well as up-to-date international programmes.

In the same context, journalist Yasmin Abdallah, director of programmes in the channel, said “OTV” would focus on the Egyptian youths and their aspirations and dreams. He added that all programme presenters would be Egyptian youths who had not had their full opportunity in this field. She noted that the focus would also be on young people’s requirements, needs and dreams.

(Source: MENA news agency website, Cairo, in Arabic 1334 gmt 29 Jan 07 via BBC Monitoring)