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    Default help about computer networking block and spy


    Something unrelated to tvro… but appreciate if anyone of you could post a reply.

    A few years ago, I read a reply in this forum but can’t find it anymore…

    1. If I want to access internet from my office, there are an alternative website could let you get connected although another website which is BLOCK by firewall set by company. It sound like ip under ip…

    2. I saw my IT guy could see whatever movement on other computer under the same network. In short, he can see as what you can see on your monitor; even a single word; on his place as long as he choose the target terminal.

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    most likely the admin of your network have installed monitoring software(can be installed remotely) on every client PC. this software override the built-in firewall of the PC

    this software are only allowed to be used in a teaching invironment( where the tutor could see & correct what the students are doing) not on commercial establizement for it violates individual rights & privacy! you could compalin to proper authority for this!
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    they should only block access to certain IP, not view your own personal monitor since that is a flagrant violation of your privacy. raise this up with your company protocol/procedure managers and it should be stopped. monitoring internet activity is ok, but READING your personal data and transactions is a no-no.

    having stated that, and basing on your company's rather stupid policy on net guarding, i won't suggest any bypass options for you as of now.

    the one you are talking about is use of proxy.
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