Easy.tv CI module able to receive Arena

Primacom subsidiary Decimus, has announced the discontinuation of its easy.TV programme package with effect from mid-March. But the move does not affect the availability of the Mascom easy.TV Common Interface module, according to the manufacturer. It has two integrated card readers (for two different pay-TV providers), and supports the Cryptoworks encryption system (e.g. for Arena, ORF, Digitürk or MTV) as well as the AlphaCrypt encryption standard, and is also compatible with BetaCrypt. Once the software of the module has been updated to a new software version, the card used by various cable network providers is also supported. The module is certified for the reception of Arena satellite programmes, this means that the German national league football channels (Bundesliga) as well as the Arena/Tividi family package can be received via any normal Common Interface receiver. The module is also ideally suited for retro-fitting in the many Premiere receivers that have an integrated Common Interface slot. Premiere and Arena with just one single digital receiver – it is reality with the MASCOM easy.TV CI module.”

Source: http://broadbandtvnews.com/uk/