UCB Europe renamed UCB UK
Friday, January 5th, 2007

United Christian Broadcasters has renamed UCB Europe as UCB UK. The company explains that, while the service has been available across Europe via satellite since 1993, the broadcasts have always been in the English language with listener response primarily coming from the UK and Ireland. During this period UCB began working alongside other Christian broadcasters across Europe in Denmark, France, Estonia and many other countries. Rather than the name of a radio channel, UCB Europe has begun to represent a forum in which Christian broadcasters can meet and share ideas together from across European nations.

The vision of UCB International has always been to bring national Christian radio to individual nations; to date this has not been possible in either the UK or Ireland. With this vision still clearly in mind, the decision was taken to rename UCB Europe as UCB UK, with effect from January 2007. UCB will launch a DAB radio station in London on 15 January. Since it was not possible to obtain a single national licence, UCB’s strategy now is to one of establishing a national network region by region.

“As soon as we heard about capacity opening up in London, we immediately registered our interest,” says UCB’s chief executive, Ian Mackie. Initially, the London DAB service will carry the same programme as heard on satellite, cable and the Internet.

(Source: United Christian Broadcasters)