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    Default MATRIX REL

    Am primit un asemenea modul ucas v3.0 firmw. ce inseamna acest lucru? In aceast versiune pot vedea ceva cu gold ,fun 4,sau tit? asta e tot ce am. Deocamdata nu am cu ce sa-l scriu dar cum se poate scrie cu fun unde incarc fisierul la flash sau la eprom?

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    Inseamna ca modulul e in stare originala si ca sa vezi ceva, trebuie sa-i bagi MRev 2.23 (cel mai recent). Daca nu ai CAS2 sau laptop, poti sa o faci cu fun (mai jos ai un How To mai vechi):


    Programing Matrix Reloaded ( MR ) for dummies.

    For all the dummies like me that also have problems programming the MR Matrix Reloaded the first time:
    From many posts here I understand the best it goes with fun5 cards, e.g. Galaxy3 cards.
    You'll need 3 of them, or with one it works also, you only have to reprogram it.
    Get yourself the zip file with the MR funcardfiles (lets say the current MR version = 1.XX)
    When you open the zip you'll find several files, unzip them all to a Map
    (make a new one, you can find easily later on) In my case I'll call it MR funcardfiles.
    .................................................. .................................................. ..
    NOTE: Fun cards have different size memory in side.
    Fun Card 1 = 16
    Fun Card 2 = 64
    Fun Card 3 = 128
    Fun Card 4 = 256
    Fun Card 5 = 512
    Fun Card 6 = 1024
    As you can see the MR1.XX_1024 file will not fit into a Funcard5.
    You need to download the required updated firmware split to fit into three Funcards5 in your case.
    Each file will be 512 or less.
    Look for another zip file with funcard 5 files in it or download the latest file splitter program "MRFS"***
    and generate your own card files.
    Use the correct files for YOUR funcards and mind that if you use funcard 6 but you only have fun5 files
    set the software of your programmer to 512 and not to 1024!
    Do not use the auto detect function if your programmer has it.
    SET THE SECTIONS MANUALLY AT ALL TIMES, especially with infinity programmers.
    (NOTE: my new Infinity Phoenix doesn't have any problems of this kind).
    The internal eeprom should be unticked and unused.

    ****MRFS (Matrix Reload Funcard Splitter) will split .upd files into any size.
    See the explanation somewhere in this guide.
    .................................................. .................................................. .....

    In this [MR funcardfiles] map you now see 3 files "fun 5" and 2 if you use "fun6".
    NOTE: They are called something like ~1.hex, ~2.hex. You need them one by one.
    You also need a loader file, in most cases that stays the same over the month'.

    Put you're funcard in the programmer, like Mastera, Infinity, Mastercard etc. and FULLY erase it.

    Open the program you normally use to write files on a fun card.

    NOTE: Some people say Chip Cat will not work.

    Erase the fun card.
    NOTE: not erasing will cause unreliable MR functioning but anyhow the cards need to be perfectly
    burned and some fun cards just not want to, or only at the second trial they work.
    Check the software program for ignore FF setting in the configuration.
    Also check the memory size the program is burning in, according to the fun cards you're using.

    Be sure that you ersase the fun cards and load the same loader flash (toecutter loader) on every funcard.

    Load the flash file (the loader file from the map [MR funcardfiles] -> fun5) in the flash section.
    Load the file mr1.~~1.hex in the external eeprom section en write the card.

    Go to the setup of your receiver and open the section where the Common Interface module is.

    1- Open the MR section and go to Download section.
    (Can't describe the real name, 'cause that's depending from your receiver)
    2- The messages "Erasing old data, please wait..." and "Insert card 1 or serial dummy card" will be shown.
    3- Insert the first smart card and press Ok.
    4- The message "Card inserted, opening" is shown, and after that "Performing smart card download..." and wait until
    5- the message "Download card completed" appears take the card out and press "Please, extract it"
    6- After that, a message "Insert card 2" will be shown.

    Follow the options as above until the last card has finished downloading
    using the eeprom file MR~~2.hex for card number 2 and MR~~3.hex for card number 3. (with fun6 only two files, of course!).

    7.- After the last smart card is downloaded, the message "Download complete.
    Copying image and re-booting" will be shown.

    Just wait a few moments.

    If the new version of software is not shown after about 1 minute, re-insert
    the module without any smart card.
    When this also doesn't work, completely shut off the receiver once.

    NOTE: If you're zapping the first time, do not insert any card.
    If some decoded channels could be watched, it works fine.

    If one of the Fun cards isn't directly detected, please try inserting this card some time, or rewrite it!
    Don't panic!

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    Default Re: MATRIX REL

    Quote Originally Posted by siti
    Am primit un asemenea modul ucas v3.0 firmw. ce inseamna acest lucru ?
    matrix cu ucas 3.1 este egal cu un cam aston 1.05
    il poti folosi doar pentru seca.daca vrei all-cam foloseste firm223.

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    dar astonul 1.05 poate fi reprogramat?



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