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    Default Solutii pt setarea rezolutiei la LCD la 1366x768

    solutii pentru setarea rezolutiei native la LCD la 1366x768 ar cam fi...

    Method1 : When you wait long enough the screen will turn back to 1080i.

    This is not what we want though so we will do the press the keys blindly like Maf did trick : Arrowleft - Space - Tab 5 times - Space - Tab 7 times - 1366 (press them) - Tab 11 times - Space (final space).

    Your screen will now magically ungarble straight into 1360x frontend 1366x backend mode.

    (or so it did here).

    Method2 (lucky bastards) : Simply go to custom timings and add 1366 as backend and apply.

    Test method (for if you're unsure all the keys will work) : By testing you will break the guide and will have to start over (unless you have a 2nd pc you can test the keys on) Simply change to any normal resolution and use the key method above but now looking at the screen you will see that method1 does exactly what method2 does , but now using only the keyboard.

    After it switches to the clear 1366 backend (still had the 1360 frontend here but keep it).

    Ok it and reboot.

    You will reboot in 1366x768 (1360 frontend 1366 backend) if all went well.

    Go to custom timings and change the 1360 frontend to 1366 and apply.

    It should auto change to 1368 frontend after applying.

    Ok it This is the final resolution + timing you (or at least I) want.

    Reboot again and it should stick.

    If it does , congratulations you got 1366x working in everything .

    You should now have the options between 800x600 - 1024x768 - 1280x768 - 1366x768 and 1920x1080 in the main display options.

    .... ciuidat ca fara driiverele forcevare 9.** a mers la rezolutia respectiva.. apoi numai cele native HDTV.. nu am mai reusit sa revin in veci la 1366x768..

    .. daca aveti alte recomandari ar fi utile de postat aici..

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    Default Nu-i de mirare !

    NVIDIA are o lunga si agitata traditie in a lansa produse soft pe piata ... insuficient testate ! acum 10 ani CD-ul de instalare continea 2-3 variante de driver ... "ca sa fie" caz ca aveai noroc ...driverul "pupa" placa video cu placa de baza ... Atunci cand NVidia a absorbit 3D-fx am crezut ca insfarsit acolo se va instala competenta ...da si nu ! in afara unor teste trucate prin care firma a incercat sa-si domine marele rival ATI ...nimic nu pare a fi altfel.
    Batalia acerba pentru a oferi cea mai performanta placa video de pe piata ... inginereste vorbind ... este dublata de o promotie fara scrupule ... promotie care aproape ca distruge talentul si competenta inginereasca.



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