Express AM 3, 140.0E

'GTRK Amur' has started on 3589R (C-band beam), clear, SR 4340, FEC 3/4

New Symbol Rate for 'HeliosNet' internet service on 11032V (Ku-band beam), SR 3500, FEC 3/4

Measat 3, 91.5E
The satellite has arrived at 91.5 East. Footprint maps - C-band, Ku-band.

Eutelsat W2, 16.0E
New macedonian mux with 'Kanal 5 (Macedonia)', 'Sitel TV', 'TV Edo' and 'TV Era' has started on 12724V (Europe beam), clear, SR 10000, FEC 2/3.

Hot Bird 8, 13.0E
A 'Rainbow TV' test card has started on 12245H (wide beam), clear, SR 27500, FEC 3/4.
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