Al-Jazeera set to launch documentary channel
Tuesday, December 26th, 2006

Al-Jazeera is preparing to launch the “Al-Jazeera Documentary Channel” in early 2007, the network’s website reported on 25 December. The new station seeks to spread “the documentary and image culture in the Arab and southern world”, the site added.

Al-Jazeera documentary channel would cover a wide range of programmes in the political, historical, scientific, artistic, religious and other fields, including “programmes dealing with world figures as well as criticism and educational and training programmes”.

The report went on to say that the aims of the channel were to encourage “Arab documentary production”. The station would broadcast films by Al-Jazeera as well as other Arab and foreign producers. The channel would focus on “humanitarian issues… minorities, national liberation” and political and economic reform.

The station would also cover what was described as “the gray areas”, those said to be neglected by the Western media, but which are of importance to Arabs and Muslims “and, on a broader level, to those seeking the truth through an honest media alternative”.

The website went on to quote Al-Jazeera director Waddah Khanfar as saying that the documentary channel would present work “stemming from the spirit of the Arab region”.

(Source: website, Doha, in Arabic 25 Dec 06 via BBC Monitoring)