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    Default Multivision gone on Strong SRT 4630 after latest patch

    Dear RDI friends,

    I lost the Multivision channels after upgrading my Strong SRT 4630 with the latest patch. Moreover, my channel listing is now not in order as before.

    Please help me with this problem. Thank you.

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    I experienced a similar problem although with another receiver. I downloaded several pathches, and noted that some of them had TPS ID as 015000 and others as 007c00. The last patch that worked for me I found from masood at the following link and corresponds to MRV 2.23a:


    Unfortunately, it seems to be a matter of download and try!

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    The problem cause by Splice Platinum. The new patch was design to enabled the Splice Platinum by pressing 8283 and save activation of ID 007c00. Channels will be re-arrange and some channel will lost its informations or blank. Clean the channels by unchecking the satellite name under LNB configuration. Exit from Menu then go back to LNB configuration and set (check) the stellite name then scan satellite for fresh listing of channels.

    If you uploaded the new patch and disabled (by default) Splice Platinum, Multivision will work and you can update other keys by 8282.

    Its your choice either Multivision or Splice Platinum but for me they are no difference... all Vertical in shape.. unless I found Horizontal p***y it makes difference

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    Default Y?


    why you will settle for one channel if you can get both on most code menu receivers available in the market.

    since last year i don't have problem with my unit Astrovox VSR-2600 FTA PLUS and softwares are always updated on their own website, unlike other brand you have to search for it.

    you always have a choice but, this time make it right...



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