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Thread: Castle 1.06

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    Lightbulb Castle 1.06

    Linux version 2.6.9 (gcc version 3.4.4)
    You can use it in multiboot in NFS or flash without any problem

    Function Buttons:

    • BLUE - Castle Panel (CP)
    • 2x BLUE - CP -> Addons
    • YELLOW – Plugins
    • RED - EPG list for active channel
    • 2x RED - EPG style menu
    • GREEN – subservices


    • Auto flash erase at first boot (you can install this image with FW)
    • Terrestrial.xml with Italian frequency
    • Castle EMU Manager 1.1.0
    • Independent Start & Stop EMU / CARDSERVER
    • Inadyn service configuration
    • Setting PVR movie folder
    • Advanced daemons control (you can start / stop by panel, and start at boot. You can create your own autostart boot script, see /var/etc/
    • Support for gSUB via advanced deamons control (Use only castle plugin)
    • Advanced User Script (You can run script outside Enigma)
    • Advanced System info (User can personalize it, see /var/etc/script.xml)
    • Advanced Emu info (User can personalize it see /var/etc/emuscript.xml)
    • Parental control shortcut
    • Remote 7000 setting
    • PVR mode setting
    • Castle news
    • MediaHighwayEpg
    • emm, ecm support
    • Display Snr, Agc, Ber
    • Display video setting
    • Display frequency, polarization, symbol rate
    • Display service providers name
    • Extended,
    • Advanced addons Manager
    • Internet addons download with Proxy support
    • Manual addons install
    • Remove installed addons
    • Expert web-if 5.9.7
    • Italian, English, French, German and Dutch language
    • No key included / No softcam included
    Pentru 500 e MaxVar.
    Imaginea e la rdi-dreambox la Images .

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    Au aparut si pentru 5620 si 7000 .

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    Am pus si eu azi imaginea asta pe pitic... se misca bine, arata super si pare interesanta, insa nu am reusit in ruptul capului sa pun g*ox pe ea. Stie cineva cum se procedeaza?
    Numai bine!

    Jucarii pentru copii:
    DM500s, DM7025s, DM800HD, Strong SRT4400, Conserva Boom, HH Strong 2100, Offset 1.2 AL (Strong), Sharp 0.5 db, TH50PV70. Abo Boom + Focus (pre-pay).

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    vezi ca la croatzi pe site ai ...COLOSSEUM-1.0_EMUPACK...sau incearca un gbox cu tar.gz.



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