RELEASE NAME ..... CoreAVC H.264 Video Codec v1.2.0.0
SUPPLIER .........
CRACKER ..........
PROTECTION ....... Field based matrix math
RELEASE DATE ..... 13/12/2006
SIZE ............. 01 x 5MB
URL ..............



CoreAVC H.264 Video Codec v1.2.0.0

Since no one ever keygenned this nice little codec we thought we should
give it a shot... Kudos to the protection developer(s) but your system is

The CoreCodec CoreAVC High Definition H.264 video codec is based on the
MPEG-4 Part 10 standard and is one of the codecs used in Blu-ray and in

AVC / H.264 is the next-generation standard for video, and CoreAVC is
being recognized as being the world's fastest H.264 software video

The efficiency of CoreAVC in 'software' is often compared to be faster
than other solutions that try to rely on 'hardware' to increase playback
performance of H.264 video.


1. Unzip and Unrar.

2. Run the keygen in the EDGE dir to generate a key for your machine
into your registry.

3(a). Copy to your windows\system32 directory and run the following
command: regsvr32 path/to/

Or use this simpler approact:

3(b). Download RegDrop from
And drag the to RegDrop to install it.

4. Enjoy!