SES Astra signs Blucom contract with RTL Interactive
Monday, December 11th, 2006
SES Astra has announced today that the Mobile Unit of RTL Interactive (Germany) has signed a contract to use the interactive Blucom service. Blucom allows broadcasters to actively involve TV viewers in the ongoing programme and provides them with information services as well as interactive services on top of the ongoing TV programme. The signal will be sent to the satellite TV users and their mobile phones via the digital set-top box and with the support of the Bluetooth technology. The return channel operates via the mobile phone. In addition, the user needs a browser, which can be ordered with a text message (SMS) and has to be downloaded onto the mobile phone.

Wolfgang Kasper, Director Mobile of RTL interactive: “Blucom has the potential to be used by a broad range of TV viewers because it enormously simplifies the accepted connection of TV and mobile telephony. Additionally, Blucom allows us to communicate more directly with the viewers and enables completely new, interactive applications.”

(Source: SES)