Unlicensed broadcasters in Belgrade to be shut down next week
Thursday, December 7th, 2006
All radio and television station broadcasting without a license in Belgrade will be shut down next week. The Republic Telecommunication Agency (RATEL) will check to see how many stations are working illegally eight days after the deadline for terminating broadcasts came to an end. The check will be conducted by the administrative council of RATEL and the Republic Broadcasting Agency, who made the decision on shutting down the stations. The action itself should start on December 11.

The Broadcasting Agency and RATEL sent out “cease and desist” notices to 33 radio stations and eight television stations which competed for a national frequency and did not receive one. The Broadcasting and Telecommunications Laws forbid broadcasting programmes without the proper licences. The fines for violating these regulations run from in between 50,000 and one million dinars.

(Source: B92)