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    Default How to see C+ France with Mytheatre and DVB-CARD ?


    I have DVB-card on my computer. I use it with Mytheatre and Vplug to see many things alreedy
    I would like to have also C+ FR on Astra.
    What do i need to do?

    Thanks for your help

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    Default an answer

    ok, i guess some1 has to answer it is I
    well if you want to watch France+, or some other chanel that is in this moment crypted, u ll have to wait for the other words the expertises that work in that field will have to decode (to finde key line) the SatCard and then u ll be watching the keys.

    In u r case wait for the keys for France+ to be realise (every they go to this forum and similar to this and\or download every day the softcam keys and hope that one day u ll be avaible to watch France+)

    Thah was un expertise answer, so keep seeking, ok?

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    If you can see TPS, you can see C+ on HotBird (on Astra is not possible yet)

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    Thank you Kroky for your constructive answer.

    I can see those few programs on hotbird already, i had also the hope to see all the rest of this provider on Astra with my DVB card just like with a K3 card. I thought it was possible but if you tell me it is not, i will wait for better times...

    thank you



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