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    Default plz help my humax 5400 signal level is always maximum !!!!!

    the problem happened suddenley
    -signal level is always maximum (100%) and no channel is recieved
    - signal level still maximum even when the lnb is not connected
    -when starting the box the loader version h1.37 apper on the screen then message (ra) appear on the box screen then reciever works, i can switch normally between channels and the humax picture on tv i s normally, but bad signal appear on tv screen and signal level still always maximum and signal quality always zero
    -i tried another two reciver on same lnb works normally,i tried to install latest patches and then tried the official firmware(H1.37 /0016.0400) same problem still exist,any help please,any problem on hardware?

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    Hi friend, ur tuner may be dead and another possible is resistors around ur tuner is something wrong. ( i can wrong )

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    Try to get another channel list.

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    Do you still receive channels with the receiver? if no, your tuner is gone, if yes, the MF from your tuner is sending to much signal, in both cases you should replace the tuner or live with the fact that your signal is not showing correct.

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