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    Default a problem with dreambox 7020

    Sad story about Dreambox ...
    It happened all of a sudden, everithying worked fine until
    I reboot (after a power cut), DB boot in game mode
    showing on LCD the Space Invaders and no way to get skip it.

    After several attempts I did a flash serial with Dream Up,
    it went ok but DB halted during boot process.
    I've been trying days and nights many combinations:
    - Dream up --> several versions
    - Imanges --> several versions (including CVS, Gemini, Hydra),
    the one I've been using succesfully for allmost 1 year was Gemmini 2.6
    - Serial, network and browser flash, some of them finished with succes some
    others with error (probably depens on image). I couldn;t make an erase as I
    understood 7020 NAND flash doesn't need this
    - I managed to flash2 the bootstage2 succesfully
    - I enetered in debug serial mode (below it's a sample from boot sequence)
    - I understood that it is NO need to JTAG the EPROM in 7020,
    but I am wondering if this is the final solution
    - I unplugged it for several hours

    Allways In the end depite succesful flash, it still hangs during booting process
    (partial log is atached)

    Is Anybody there who had similar experience and finally fix it
    with with/without JTAG help!
    Is it hardware or software ?
    Should I sent it to back factory , is it costly and time consuming ?

    Thanks you in adavance for help,
    Dreambox DM7020
    FIRST STAGE 1.3 {2i345}
    2ND STAGE OK, build #35 (20050921)

    0.000 - fp init
    0.042 - ca init
    0.106 - load config
    0.398 - config loaded.
    * press [S] to enter setup
    0.407 - ide init
    no CF card detected!
    0.475 - main control
    0.476 - not entering setup
    - total memory size: 96 MB (64 MB in first bank)
    0.483 - execute script: /cf/autorun.bat
    0.487 - load /cf/autorun.bat to 006d93a8
    0.490 - force boot: -1
    0.492 - try boot from 1:/autoexec.bat
    0.496 - execute script: /flash/autoexec.bat
    0.500 - load /flash/autoexec.bat to 006d93a8
    detected jffs2 blocksize: 16kb
    0.540 - jffs2 size: 144 kb
    0.542 - network: 0.543 manual, ip address is
    0.647 - starting network
    1.001 - highspeed ethernet detected.
    1.018 - 7142 kb/s
    1.069 - waiting for phy reset
    1.072 - phy resetted!
    1.082 - setting MAC to 00 09 34 14 3d f6
    1.086 - httpd, telnetd
    1.088 - using jffs2
    Scanning JFFS2 FS: . done.
    find_inode failed for name=autoexec.bat
    load: Failed to find inode
    - failed to open /flash/autoexec.bat
    1.107 - try boot from 0:
    waiting for link...
    2.668 - starting dhcp (or manual)
    2.671 - dhcp started!
    no server address given
    no tftp server address was specified, neither manually nor via dhcp. aborting t.
    2.682 - try boot from 1:/zImage.elf
    2.711 - load /flash/zImage.elf to 02000000
    2.715 - using jffs2
    2.750 - loading elf image at 02000000
    ================================================== ===========

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    Please visit this forum and discuss your problem with Experts.
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