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    Default DVB-S Skystar2 is a SUBSET of DreamBox ?

    Hi Friends

    A general question related to Skystar2 and Dreambox.

    Can we say technically that, a Dreambox is a superset of Skystar2 (or Skystar2 is a subset of Dreambox) according to their technical features ?

    In other words/simple term, can we say that a Dreambox can do ALL tasks that a DVB-S Skystar2 PCI can do including data grabbing, softcam, PVR, etc .....

    Hope to get a suitable answer from adv users.

    If that so, instead of purchasing a new Skystar2 PCI card I can directly go for a Dreambox :-O
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    just an opinion i think they do exactly the same thing and being able to work out 1 will give you easy process with any second one, like from ss2 to dm, or vise versa.
    though experimenting on the two already, and having abit of hell, which is what brings experience. db box is workable even without pc in some circumstances, but for the ss2 the pc is the operator throughout, the softwares are same for both.
    on what i have - got the dm going partly, but still cannot get the ss2 going - complications around.

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    skystar2 is an alternative to dreambox which is much more expensive compared to the pc dvb-s device.

    yes, both can do almost the same tasks, PVR, CS, etc. but with only downside for pc dvb-s is that you need a dedicated pc to have it running always, and most of the cheaper dvb-s devices does not have onboard mpeg decoders which eats up a lot of cpu cycles. on lesser specs cpu, you can not do anything else if you are viewing satellite channels on your pc.

    dreambox on the other hand is basically a pc in itself already, running on linux OS. and as such, you have to learn a bit of the linux OS to really succeed in configuring and fully understanding the way dreambox/triple dragon or other linux boxes work.

    as for data grabbing, im not sure if dreambox can do that.
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