o noua versiune a pluginului v-plug
am testat decat tps si merge

V 0.5

-NEW: Via-2 ECM decryption. (And also YANKSE-sid.cache has been updated for ART channels)
(A lot of thnx to the author of "Russian wafer" card & MrToolate)
-NEW: Nagra-1 EMM decryption ( Just Polsat AU! ... I can not receive other Nagra providers ).
-NEW: Writing found Nagra's keys to SoftCam.Key file.
-NEW: Writing found Via-1's keys to SoftCam.Key file.
-NEW: Reading RSA Keys of Nagra EMM decryption from "rsakeylist" file.
-NEW: Integrating ECM calculator and plug-in. (my little app to test algo's)
-Improved: Detecting of CA System Names. (Many thnx to the author of dvbsnoop, http://dvbsnoop.sourceforge.net/)

download : http://www.dvbskystar.com/download/click.php?id=5