Hola, tengo un mvision y acabo de ponerle el firmware 6.04
alguno sabe que quiere decir esto que pone en el txt?:

This release is N2 smartcard ready !

Go to Setup, Smartcard, Nagra Boxkey
Input your BK and Key0D from card
Push yellow button to store changes and wait 5 seconds to finish

No EMM at all is sent to card. Full blocker is always ON

If no decryption, switch off and on again and/or extract and insert again smartcard from embedded card reader

If many "blackouts" change your provider ID at emulator's keys menu, for example: if D+ card, change provider nagra 4101 to 5101

If still you experience "blackouts" change to "only smartcard" mode (5555) and swith off and on your receiver. You only need "smartcard and emulator" mode (9999) to insert your BK and key0D, after that you can switch to "only smartcard" mode

Remember the modes:
0000 - Smartcard and emulator OFF
5555 - Only smartcard
6666 - Only emulator
9999 - Smartcard and emulator