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Thread: BSPradio v1.1c

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    Default BSPradio v1.1c

    This program is an MD plugin that grabs the radio program's description when an
    MD-compliant application tunes to a radio channel. It then sends an event to
    Girder with this information. Girder can then display the info in an OSD.

    I've tested this with Bell and Dish under both MyTheatre and ProgDVB. I assume this
    will work with any application that supports the MD API.
    For some reason, Dish has messed up the PMT data on AUD03 so BSPradio won't work on
    that radio channel.

    Under Girder,
    eventname = nowplaying
    device = 18
    pld1 = title
    pld2 = artist
    pld3 = CD

    none - it just works on its own!


    1) Copy BSPradio.dll into the MD plugin directory (MyTheatre/MDPlugins/ or ProgDVB/).

    2) If you haven't already done so, install Girder (from

    3) Put the gireventlib.dll into a directory that's on Window's path (gireventlib.dll can
    be found in the Girder's root directory). Personally, I just copied it into the root
    of MyTheatre and ProgDVB's directories. I suppose the Windows root directory might
    also be a good spot for it.

    4) Define the event to Girder. Either load the included BSPradio.gml or create your
    own event.

    5) Start up MyTheatre or ProgDVB and watch the radio program info appear in Girder's OSD.
    I believe you have to start MyTheatre or ProgDVB after Girder or it won't work.

    BSPradio-1.0 (Dec 31, 2003)

    Original release

    BSPradio-1.1 (Jan 1, 2004)

    Added a fix for BSPradio so it will work with v3+ of MyTheatre.
    Added a safety net that shuts down the PMT filter after 12K of data has been read.

    BSPradio-1.1b (Jan 3, 2004)

    Stop sending Girder events if Girder isn't present.

    BSPradio-1.1c (Mar 7, 2005)

    Handle incorrect PMT pid reported by MT3.08 for Bell GXY stations.


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    La ce pachet de programe muzicale poti folosi programul ? Doar pe cele nemtesti, pe vremea cand se puteau asculta (si cred ca pe Sky, cand au lasat cateva libere), imi mai aparea piesa, interpretul, etc. (cu MyTheatre se si schimbau informatiile la inceputul unei alte melodii). Voua va mai apare ceva la ce exista pe SkyItalia sau altceva de pe Hotbird?
    SkyStar1, SkyStar2 USB Plus, Humax Digi II+, Kaon (FocusSat) & Dolce, antenă mobila 1,4m, 63E-30W + antene fixe Dolce & Focus/Digi



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