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    Default One Dish - two recievers- reply plz


    I have only one output in my LNB, I am trying to connect two receivers, used a splitter but it does not work, i don’t get signals when I connect thru splitter, what should I do?

    I cannot use dual Lnb option.

    Being expert, please let me know easy solution of above situation.



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    please note your splitter must have power pass, otherwise there will be no power reaching lnb from receiver, otherwise use dual lnb and run 2 cables. also you cant get 2 polarities off 1 lnb say rcv1=v and rcr2=h, but both can view different channels on same polarity.
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    Switch of the power on one of the STB's. not main power but remeber that 22k power option when setting your Dish options on the STB. this will work but both the power off decorder will only recieve freq in the range Power on STB is viewing. when it works try switching on the Power off STB. that would make would already Power on prompt no sgilnal for a second or two and wala. if it don't work get rid of the spliter and use the lnb out to feed the other STB.
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    Default Re: One Dish - two recievers- reply plz

    I'm using 2 way splitter 5 -2400MHz power pass (gain 24db) with one dish on C-Band LNB.Not working at both ploarity, but working on same polarity.As far as I know the best way is to use duel output lnb.Just wait for sir boknoy support , I'm sure he can give u the right way.

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    Default twin output

    i used also splitter before , but as yan say this works only on one polarity, you need to use twin output lnb ( as i have now) , but you must make cable to 2e receiver, when can not i think you stuck on the one polarity system, i used splitter before 950-2050mhz, split inside afther my 1st receiver and than went to bedroom, lost also strenght , but worked on
    1 polarity,(it only worked with both receivers on, when i shut down receiver in living , in bedroom not worked !) is up to you what system you can use......
    good luck....



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