According to a report over on the Transponder News forum, 23E is to be developed as a new German / Dutch hotspot. Interestingly, Sirius 2 will be moved away from 5E and will be relocated at 23E to strengthen the slot.

heres the google translated post:

> SIRIUS 2 is shifted on 23,5 degrees of east
(sh) the satellite SIRIUS 2 is to be shifted by 5 degrees of east on the orbit position 23.5 degrees of east.
It belongs to the Scandinavian enterprise NSAB, in which SES ASTRA is by the majority involved. SIRIUS 2 is to strengthen the two satellites ASTRA 1D and ASTRA 3A under new name and to make additional capacities available.
On its past position 5 degrees of east is to be stationed beside SIRIUS 3 starting from center 2007 SIRIUS 4.
SES ASTRA had announced to develop the orbit position 23.5 degrees of east in the next months for German and Netherlands satellite direct receivers. Beside additional Angeoten also smaller program offerers are to receive the possibility of offering their programs over satellite.