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    Default Eutelsat W2 (16.0E) 11618 H 29950) & THAICOM 2,5 (78.5E

    Okay I know there are a couple of you that see the footprints of
    THAICOM 2,5 (78.5E) 3569 H 15000
    Is it do-able - Not by subscrption of of cause - please also confirm these 5 sweeties are in CONAX

    AND Sepecifically solomon - just beacuse you are the only one I know who stays in Madagascar please tel me you are watch
    Eutelsat W2 (16.0E) 11618 H 29950)
    ? YES - Give, give, give, give Please.

    Please confirm these are Viaccess 2.3 and this is do-able

    Last of all may any one give me good suggestions of good stb that handle CONAX & Viaccess 2.3 and if I can upgrade a Wiz-Tech 220 or 260 to handle CONAX ro Viacces please point me in the right direction.

    Maybe some humor before I dash

    The day I discovered the concept of Digital satellite TV I was the happiest cheap in the world :. And then I stumbled upon lygnsat. Oh heaven had descended upon earth. Unfortunately those where the days I had a pathetic 32k.mordem that connected at a ridicules 5k. . .I think. So obviously I had to disable the picture options in my browser. And there out the window went the concepts of coverage areas and footprints. So do you think the day I discovered the was no way in hell I was going to be watching DREAM TV on AGILA 2 (146.0E) I cried foul and sulked for an entire 30 days, hey Not only was I broke from having used my entire salary to purchase an STB and DISH I was also hungry. I tell you guys there is nothing as bad as A disappointed, broke and hungry man watching the only local station available with a wire hanger (Oh did I mention I also had to sell my antenna to buy and additional 5 meter coaxial cable)
    nothing at the moment

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    Eutelsat W2 (16.0E) 11618 H 29950)
    Sorry for disappointing you my friend, Parabole Reunion is in Via 2.5. Not cracked, no key. Only one channel Kanal Austral is FTA from 5 to 10 am.
    PIV 2.66Ghz RAM 512Mo WinXP Pro Sp1
    Skystar2 - 3.75m KTI- Drake ESR700e - Yuri 15 k C-Band - Sharp 0.6 dB Ku-Band



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