Eutelsat Communications (Euronext Paris: ETL) today announced that Astrium will build the
HOT BIRDô 10 broadcast satellite which will be launched in first quarter 2009 and
positioned at the Groupís 13 degrees East location. Following HOT BIRDô 8 and 9, it is the
third high-power broadcast satellite based on Astriumís Eurostar E3000 platform that will be
located at Eutelsatís premium video neighbourhood for cable and satellite broadcasting.
The procurement of HOT BIRDô 10 underpins Eutelsatís objectives to continue to renew
capacity at its HOT BIRDô neighbourhood, to raise in-orbit redundancy and security for
broadcasting clients and to increase overall flexibility across its satellite fleet. Eutelsatís 13
degrees East neighbourhood today broadcasts 950 television channels and 540 radio
stations to 110 million cable and satellite homes across Europe, North Africa and the Middle
Astriumís Eurostar E3000 platform was selected by Eutelsat for the HOT BIRDô 8 satellite,
which went into full commercial service this month, and HOT BIRDô 9 which was ordered
from Astrium in May this year. With each satellite equipped with 64 high-power Ku-band
transponders spanning the entire range of 102 Ku-band frequencies at 13 degrees East, they
will together deliver customers exceptional levels of security and in-orbit redundancy for the
development of digital entertainment services and HDTV channels.
HOT BIRDô 10ís deployment in 2009 will also enable Eutelsat to pursue its objective to
develop video activities at other orbital locations. The new satellite will release the Groupís
HOT BIRDô 7A satellite from 13 degrees East in order for it to be repositioned at the 10
degrees East neighbourhood. The proximity of these two neighbourhoods enables reception
of channels from both positions with a single antenna equipped with a dual feed. This new
video mission will be initiated first by EUROBIRDô 10 (formerly HOT BIRDô 3) which is
scheduled to enter into service at 10 degrees East later this month, having completed its
mission at 13 degrees East. EUROBIRDô 10ís replacement by HOT BIRDô 7A will further
increase capacity for video services in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa by providing
up to 38 Ku-band transponders at 10 degrees East.
Commenting on the contract, Eutelsat CEO Giuliano Berretta commented: ďBy boosting our
resource at established and growing video neighbourhoods we are in a privileged position to
benefit from the strong dynamic of broadcasting markets in Europe, Africa and the Middle
East. HOT BIRDô 10 will further consolidate our premium HOT BIRDô position and will
also expand the associated resource we can offer broadcasters from 10 degrees East for
standard digital television, High-Definition Television and new video services using MPEG4
compression. We are also very pleased to renew our confidence with Astrium who has
demonstrated the performance of its technology in our new HOT BIRDô 8 satellite.Ē
Antoine Bouvier, CEO of Astrium Satellitesí business unit said: "We are extremely pleased
that Eutelsat confirms their confidence in our technology by ordering a third Eurostar E3000
to perfect the core of their prime broadcasting neighbourhood. HOT BIRDô 10 is a Eurostar
E3000 satellite, identical to HOT BIRDô 8 and HOT BIRDô 9 with the same mission
capacity. HOT BIRDô 10 is also the third satellite ordered by Eutelsat from Astrium this
year, following W2M in February and HOT BIRDô 9 in May, and the seventh
communications satellite contract overall won by Astrium in 2006."
HOT BIRDô 10 is the 15th satellite commissioned by Eutelsat from Astrium. With the early
implementation of this programme the Group is advancing in-orbit investments to FY2007-
2009 which were originally forecast after FY2010.