Spacecom Cements Dominance in Romanian Market


Spacecom Cements Dominance in Romanian Market with Six Contracts for AMOS Satellites Since
the Beginning of 2006

IBC 2006 Exhibition, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Hall 1 Booth 419 - 8 September 2006:
Spacecom (Tel Aviv Stock Exchange: SCC), the AMOS satellites operator, today announced that it has secured six customers so far in 2006 in the Romanian market, adding to its dominance in this market.

AMOS satellites’ hot-spot located at 4 degrees west longitude makes it especially attractive for TV
channels requiring content distribution to cable head-ends for a growing number of Romanian operators including: Realitatea TV, Telesport, Money Channel TV, B1TV and MTV Romania, in addition to it's emerging DTH platform, BOOM TV, broadcasting on AMOS since April 2006. These channels join existing Romanian platforms on AMOS including: Showtime TV, Aflux TV, AlphaTV, SensoTV and TVRM.

The addition of these networks crystallizes AMOS’ neighborhood footprint in making the satellites an
energetic platform for local communities to disseminate their messages and a leading reason for networks and channels subscribers to join.

Spacecom’s AMOS satellites serve this wide range of Romanian channels broadcasting content from
general and news programming to exclusive entertainment events, with services ranging from permanent space segments to capacity for contribution and occasional use. AMOS also provides the platform for a much needed remote education application to the Spiro Haret Open University and its students.

Oded Bar , Spacecom’s VP Sales for Romania comments, “Spacecom has become a recognized brand name in the past years. Our capabilities of moving quickly and efficiently to provide quality services set us apart in this growing market.”

For David Pollack , Spacecom President and CEO, the upsurge of Spacecom’s activities in Romania is a positive sign. “The growth of AMOS’ Romanian neighborhood in 2006 shows that our approach with broadcasters resonates the right way. The AMOS constellation is strong, stable and smart, all qualities that are needed to serve this market.”

Space-Communication Ltd. (Spacecom) is the operator of the AMOS satellites, which provide high-quality broadcast and communication services to Europe, the Middle East, and the Atlantic bridge to the US. The AMOS satellite constellation, consisting of AMOS-1 and AMOS-2 co-located at the prime orbital position of 4°W, serves Direct-To-Home and other Television platforms in Europe and the Middle East, as well as provides a secure and stable transmission to government agencies.
The extensive signal strength and prime location makes the AMOS platform particularly suitable for DBS and DTH operators, as well as a wide range of broadcasters, Telecommunications operators, ISPs and network integrators with Internet, voice, data and digital TV services.

Spacecom's AMOS-3 satellite is scheduled to be launched in 2007 to the 4°W orbital position, where
it will offer extended coverage, as well as new capabilities such as Ka-band and steerable beams
with global coverage.

Based in , Spacecom is traded on the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) as SCC. Its major shareholders are Eurocom, Aircraft Industries, General Satellite Services Co. (GSSC) and Mer Services Group.

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