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    Default Detailed report for everybody and for the experise

    First of all the description of this post
    - I‘ve tried to enable watching packages encrypted in CCW in str 61xx, and if I’m successful the same can be done for other type of receivers to…
    Help over here: The specimen (the sample) that I am using is patch for evocamd2.06

    I presumed the keys table assign for camd3 are compatible with this patch (this is only to ensure my self that evocam2.06 patch is CCW enabled)

    I assume that this receiver support the CCW (ControlConstantWord) but I can’t find or don’t know how to read the SYSTEM ID RANGE because I can’t find .BIN or .KEY file that support the CCW system from witch I can read the system range. If someone can help, please do so.

    I N E E D H E L P : For example the range of SECA system is 0100-01FF (Start ID is 0100 and the End ID is 01FF)
    Everybody that are using this type of receiver or any type of DreamBox could be helpful if send the SYSTEM ID RANGE that can be found and copy from the key table from the receiver (I hope u know how to activate it) should be on the top of the TV Screen and in this form VIACCESS (500 – 5FF), the number could be greater like (000500 – 0005FF)
    Thanks for your attention and I hope someone would help!

    To Cogil and all the rest of the expertise
    Report from my progress: I am currently using C++ 6 for editing the file I emanation in the text before. The ID RANGE is the hex line in the file. If someone could send me an example of patch and ID RANGE of CCW SYSTEM I would be gratefully thankful. Also, I am interested in the receiver’s processor relation with the HEX table (IF THERE’S ANY), so I could avoid to lose the flash data or to freeze the receiver. There is a part of separate commands (some other script) in the file so I think that there is some original editing application (program).

    Thanks for reading this and for your contribution

    CAUTION: Editing and /or using patch or files that are not compatible could harm your receiver.
    Knowledge is power

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    thanks nowell for your efforts, i still dont own a dreambox, but maybe in a months time, could help further to that. receivers in my post at the momment cannot go further than that.
    sure the other experts will help you carry on and together you'll be sure of a good result

    good effort keep it on....
    you'll get more support from boknoy, masood, Daeng, yan and koovery etc

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    Default just to renew the post

    thnx for the support cogil I hope someone will send an ID for CCW the version I emantion before cam3 do not had a CCW encryption so I hope someone will peplay
    Knowledge is power



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