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    Default steps to make humax weekly emu tps autoroll module5.hdf

    TPS Builder V1.2

    Click here to download TPS Builder V1.2

    1- Edit file AES.txt inside tps builder v1.2 folder with new weekly aes keys "get them from weekly AESDBASE.txt"

    AES.txt MUST have 191 line of 16 byte
    If you have few line of AES you need to repeat some of it at the end of file

    2- Run RUN_ME.bat

    3- Send to your IRCI-5400/Z/Z Plus ---> Tps_Mod5.hdf with "HDFSmart 1.8"

    Remember this work are just for study about easy change into ToH/HoT module.
    This Tools are not for ALL

    Modify of this Tool can make easy dangerous things on your decoder so use it carefully.

    I'm not responsable for any problem.

    if you not interested to see "crypted channels" then make it just for study/fun

    Many thanks to PH and ToH/HoT Team

    Many thanks to CrazySat

    Many thanks to Scriptor

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    thanks ahmed, quite a good lesson for humax owners, and a good study case.
    apart from the good warning it makes me want to have a humax and experiment on just that
    Dstv HD PVR

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    if you got AESDBASE From 13 To 20 10 2006 AESDBASE.txt file
    you will find 189 keys repeat last key twice to get 191 keys
    save file as AES.txt and replace current AES.txt file in TPS Builder V1.2 folder
    double click on RUN_ME.bat and Send Tps_Mod5.hdf with "HDFSmart 1.8" to your IRCI-5400/Z/Z Plus
    tested and working 100%



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