Dear All,
Please be patient with me, as i am new in this .
I have uploded the latest software to my STarsat SR3500 CUCI Super.

Multivision / BBC Prime / ZIK/XXl worked for a while then stopped.

1) Why did they stop ? i have the right keys !
2) if i want to enter the keys for sex view channels, and MCT channels. I know where to enter the keys, but I DO NOT KNOW on which part. I mean: when i open the page of INPUT codes, I get :
On the left: Viaccess / irdetto/Secca etc ..
On the right : Example : GloebeCastFr.(001c10), TPS France (007C00) etc ..

In order to enter the codes, i need to chose one of the list on the right.
i do not know SEXVIEW and MCT channels , where they belong, and to which group. and what do you call this group on the right side ?
How can i get this information ? Please help .
Please , I was called an idiot on other forums, but i don't know where else to ask , thank you .