I've just upgraded from fixed to motorized dish. I have knowledge of progdvb, s2emu, vplug, etc. While upgrading sever questions arose:

1. my strong srtv50 motor controller has some weird, to me, units of measurement. Stead of the good ole degrees it has values of 0-999, hotbird being around 998. How does one translate these units into degrees?

2. I have ss2diseqc1.8 plugin for progdvb, when I click on channels of different sat's. it first asks if I want to move the motor, which is no biggie, then it shows the motor move progress, which is great too, only that the frigin mottor does not move. I've replaced the skyNet.sys file with the one provided, oh, I'm following this tutorial but not to the fullest since I had the dish installed my professional ppl, I'm just trying to figure out the software end of it


So, to revamp- I have the dish working properly without ss2 with the control box, I also have progdvb up and running, but it's a pain manually changing the diseqc settings every time I turn the dish.