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    Default Probleme D-Grabber


    Fata de topicul anterior,am reusit singur sa ma descurc. Multumesc pentru intentie.

    Vreau sa stiu cum lucreaza D-Grabber pt Xtramusic pe 13 grade HB, in sensul ca nu reusesc sa dau jos nimic, apar folderele si atat. Este esentiala legatura de internet ?


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    D-Grabber merge doar cu ProgDVB. Si cel mai bine pe Hotbird.
    Oamenii se nasc si mor, fara ca macar sa aibe idee unde se afla cu adevarat si care e sensul existentei.

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    mie i-mi merge perfect, dar am bifata optiunea convert mp2 to mp3 dar nu mi le face mp3-uri, sunt tot mp2, ce are ?
    Antena 1.2 Al, LNB 0.3 db, Actuator 12', V-BOX II, Lazer, SS2, etc.

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    Default Probleme D-Grabber

    Multumesc, pentru raspunsuri.

    Ma intereseaza de ce nu apare nimic inregistrat doar foldere goale.

    Trebuie sa am internet ca sa functioneze ?


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    Nu este nevoie de internet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skycleaner
    D-Grabber merge doar cu ProgDVB. Si cel mai bine pe Hotbird.
    De unde esti asa de sigur? Merge foarte bine cu Enigma, Neutrino, pe dbox, dreambox. In settings are optiuni enigma sau neutrino. Depinde acum de ce img. folosesti de asta poate sa nu mearga.
    Toate versiunile le gasiti la
    Incercati si cu variante mai vechi. Ultima nu inseamna ca este si cea mai buna.
    Multumiri lui Oldman. Excelent program.

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    Pe marginea prapastiei. Privind voios (spre voi) in jos!
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    Poate iti e de ajutor si topicul acesta:

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    Default D-grabber


    N-am reusit mare lucru probabil ca este o greaseala de setare a ip-ului, dar problema ramane deschisa pt a inregistra de pe xtramusic cu d-grabber este nevoie de internet sau descarcarea se face direct de pe satelit ?


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    Merge fara probleme. Eu l-am folosit cu DM 500 si am reusit sa inregistrez pana la 6 streamuri, inclusiv cu conversia in mp3. Singura problema ca atunci cand ajunge la 100 de MB pe stream se blocheaza si trebuie golit directorul de download.

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    Default D-grabber super !!


    Sunt foarte bucuros. Am reusit !

    Mai jos aveti toate datele privind setarile ca sa functioneze. E un program super. Oldman merita toate felicitarile, Bravo.

    Si voua deasemenea un mare Bravo din Timisoara.

    00. If you have some kind of WEB server turn it off, it make problems.
    01. put dgrabber.dll in root ProgDVB
    02. go to HOTBIRD on - for example take Xtra Music3
    right click on channel properties, and run update, choose in audio stream pid you like
    (click on arrow to show all pids, chose one and do apply).
    03. in ProgDVB and Plugins -> DGrabber web server -> Start
    04. unrar archive and put somewhere where you like
    05. Settings -> Network Connections (XP) and properties, read IP (for example,
    or go start/control panel/network connection/right click on your map(SS2) and properties/
    click on internet protocol (TPC/IP)/properties/see your ip address.
    06. run dgrabber exe, he will make folders D-GRABBER -> PLAYLIST and TRACKS
    07. click on Settings in dgrabber, the IP you red on yours map(SS2) put here in 4 empty fields upon of DBOX Tcp Ip Addres
    08. get choose order of naming songs (name, title, album, or...), click on Constant Bit rate and take 192k and 44.1kHZ,
    09. dgrabber also have LAME codec, witch downloading song's convert to mp3 format, so click on Enable Transcoder mp2 -> mp3
    10. click also on Advanced Rename Cut Mode
    11. then click ok.
    12. In main window of grabber click on Conn.
    13. then there will be show the name of (dvb card) and a channel (Xtramusic3)
    14. grabber can take simultaneously 3 channels (MULTI GRAB), channels should be on same transponder and a channel which is active
    could not be recorded, so take something what you do not like for active channel,(in grabber choose what you like to record),
    there are three places so click on arrow, then you can chose what kind of music you like to record,
    then check box in front of name of channel, and also check box in front of Track Info (EPG),
    15. if the list of songs turn from red(button) in yellow you did it.
    16. so this list mean that this songs now going and that recording has started,
    their will be also new window (Track Info-EPG) with all Xtramusic channels with names (Info-s) of all songs that now going.
    17. first he record as TEMP.mp2, bat then when pause come between tracks, he cut,
    and start to convert and storage in mp3 format sound with name, title, album.

    PID-s for Hotbird Xtramusic-e:

    Xtra Music 1 10719 V 27500

    631 Euro Hits
    632 French Hits
    633 German Folk
    634 Italian Contemporary
    635 U.K. Hits
    636 Country
    637 Indian Pop
    638 Brasil Carnival
    639 Latin Contemporary
    640 Salsa

    Xtra Music 2 11488 H 27500

    601 Opera
    602 Classic Jazz
    603 Contemporary Jazz
    604 Smooth Jazz
    605 Big Band/Swing
    606 Acid Jazz
    607 New Age
    608 Beautiful Instruments
    609 Popular Classical
    610 Symphonic

    Xtra Music 3 11278 V 27500

    611 Contemporary Pop
    612 Hottest Hits
    613 Love Songs
    614 Power Hits
    615 Dance
    616 Retro Dance
    617 Trends (techno)
    618 70's Hits
    619 80's Hits
    620 90's Hits

    Xtra Music 4 11278 V 27500

    621 Classic Rock
    622 Rock 'N' Roll Oldies
    623 Metal
    624 Alternative
    625 Blues
    626 Classic R&B
    627 R&B Hip Hop
    628 Reggae
    629 Rap
    630 Great Standards
    .................................................. .................................................. .....................

    That's it!

    Try it, you want regret it.

    Good luck 2 all from me!

    Sorry for take so much place here, but this is a big news at our forums,
    and i just try to help.

    Regards from Croatia

    I like all music but to get new & fresh mp3 music is a main thing for me,
    Now I have 4-5 cd of new and hot music, for me this is like a dream come true!
    with this settings program don't proceed with song that already have, and that's nice.
    I record 2 channels, and this is result for only two days = more then 550 mp3-s with full names.
    but that number depend of what kind of music you record, if i record for example love music and classical,
    i could have twice of this number of mp3.
    This is something people, impressive. Every thing goes automatic, and its real pleasure to watch it...
    Of curs you can use different settings. I tray some new version, but have problems,
    also if i recorded tree channels after while program crash, and not only to me.
    So i live two channels to record and everything do fine now fore two days.
    My AMD2.6 is old, maybe recording on tree channels needs better and stronger computers to work fine.
    Drivers are 4.3.2 but no buddy complain on drivers, and my prog ver is 4.62.6.
    Hope that you will understand everything.
    Don't know what to say more, expect please try!

    I coming here for a year and half to read and learn,
    and i promise myself that one day i will bring something here...

    I put this mail in section SkyStar, because there was a theme with name - xtramusic_.playlister
    Now i see that wasn't good place!
    Because this is actually `grabbing` or fishing of music(mp3) with full names and not only playlist!
    So i copy that mail in this section!
    Like I sad, this is big news on ours forums...

    Mesajul si instructiunile de mai sus sunt din Croatia, dar m-a incantat entuziasmul. Sper ca nu este prea mult pentru forumul nostru, iar daca administratorul web considera ca trebuie sa -l mute in alta parte eu nu ma opun, cred insa ca este util pentru cei interesati.

    Oricum, va multumesc pentru ajutor.




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