The EUROBIRD™ satellites provide broadcasting and telecommunication services primarily to the Western and Central European region from orbital positions of 28.5, 25.5 and 33 degrees East.

EUROBIRD™ 1 provides continuity for the telecommunication services previously provided by the EUTELSAT II-F4 satellite, including business services, satellite news gathering and television and radio programme distribution. In addition, the high transmit power of the EUROBIRD™1 satellite makes it ideal for providing broadcast programmes and multimedia services into very small and inexpensive satellite dishes.

EUROBIRD™ 2, equipped with SKYPLEX on-board processing, is now located at 25.5 degrees East, after four years operating at 13 degrees East as HOT BIRD™ 5.

EUROBIRD™ 3, previously called e-BIRD, joins Euteslat's EUROBIRD™ family of satellites, offering premium capacity for broadband and broadcast services in Europe. Optimised for interactive broadband services and valued by broadcasters for occasional use and professional video services, EUROBIRD™ 3 is positioned at 33° East.

The EUROBIRD™ satellites provide the means to deliver new consumer-oriented broadcast digital television and multimedia services to complement those provided by the HOT BIRD™ satellite system at 13° East. Like the HOT BIRD™ satellites, the EUROBIRD™ satellites serve millions of individuals in their homes, either directly or via cable distribution networks.