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    Default Direct Control Word

    how 2 use these keys

    D 0500:021500:21FF:0030:19D1::BADA14A8770CAA2DD370CB 0EFD4B6EB6 ;Redlight German
    D 0500:021500:21FD:002A:199F::A3779AB42B89D4882B8729 DB5B79CFA3 ;Redlight Italia
    D 0500:021500:21FE:0026:19A6::5D1E4FCA4D6C1DD6535080 23BB5D4F67 ;Redlight Mixx
    D 0500:021500:21FF:0030:19D1::51B45A5F611EB332B3955B A348BE2C32 ;Redlight Germany
    D 0500:021500:21FD:002A:199F::FEC8B87E2367982265B972 902FAAB790 ;Redlight Italy
    D 0500:021500:21FE:0026:19A6::74F9B21F65ED5DAFDE30C0 CE0E4AC21A :Redlight Mixx
    D 0500:021500:2217:002C:19A4::73B8B5E02F8649FEB11E5D 2C9794A2CD ;MctSct
    D 0500:021500:223D:002D:129E::2D531D9DC0E38528479D09 EDE8DAE5A7 ;MctSuper
    D 0500:021500:2218:0028:19C4::786D4D32F621405708F5F1 EE2A27FA4B ;MctSex
    D 0500:021500:223B:0024:19C7::5ACD2E55AD8EF22D118076 07D45BE615 ;MctPlus
    D 0500:021500:2210:002F:19A0::7939C678840F49DC58DB46 79B49171B6 ;MctAmateur
    D 0500:021500:223E:0020:12A1::9790DB02A8AF2E8519E010 091BBBB98F ;MctAsian
    D 0500:021500:223A:002E:19CA:dB128A77BCDB46DD6AFCD23 8DA55FE2D ;MctFantasy
    D 0500:021500:2239:0027:19C1::2905FC2AD23DCDDC0600B5 BB4A82EFBB ;MctGay
    D 0500:021500:2243:0034:19EF::68F44FAB376AF99A6051BA 6B7D7D9690 ;MctElegance

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    i assume this might be of help;www.********.com/f2/viewtopic.php?t=79301
    Dstv HD PVR



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