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    Default Romanian channels TVR1/TVR2 through Eutelsat ?

    I'm sorry to post here and in english but I didn't know where my questions would get an answer from so I posted in both forums in case it would be more appropriate here...

    I used to receive TVR1 and TVR2 on Eutelsat 16.E... Some of the programs were encrypted but even though, you could still hear the sound.
    Now, I don't even hear any sound... have they been totally encrypted or are there still some clear programs?
    ... Or have their frequency changed?

    Another question: how can you get legally all the programs in clear for these 2 channels if you're living outside of Romania...Is there some subscription link on the net? (I couldn't find anything on their official site)

    Thank you for any information.

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    Default Re: Romanian channels TVR1/TVR2 through Eutelsat ?

    There are the same frequency.
    But this 2 channels stay crypted permanently now on 16°E, since august.


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    hi , to get them outside romania you need to subscribe to one of the 4 satellite service providers , digitv , focussat , maxtv or boom and these channels are in the basic packages for all providers .
    You need to have someone in romania to do this for you as officialy the sale of these services is not permited abroad .



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