SRG SSR idée suisse in total confidence with Viaccess

Amsterdam- 11 September 2006- Viaccess and SRG SSR idée suisse announce having reached an agreement to proceed with a complete swap of the SRG SSR idée Suisse PC2.3 Smartcard fleet, a major update in the DVB S scrambling technology used by SRG SSR idée suisse. The new Viaccess Budacard generation of Smartcard is to permanently replace the legacy installed base. The challenging project will see subscribers to the SRG SSR idée suisse programs receive new daughter smartcards throughout 2007 until the PC 2.3 signal is switched off.

The Budacard is now intensively and successfully deployed among Viaccess existing and recent Clients, and is compatible with all Viaccess certified Set Top Boxes. It provides enhanced security and new design for technology disruption with former versions of Viaccess Smartcards, rendering useless the knowledge acquired by pirates with former technologies.
Viaccess permanently invests in R&D efforts in order to provide its clients with the utmost security level and leap ahead of piracy.

Viaccess is delighted to have reached such an agreement which constitutes a major leap in fighting piracy. Viaccess’s experience in accompanying its clients with the closest relationship, emphasized by the publication of a Client Charter within the next month, ensures the professionalism and involvement required for such operation. Viaccess specifically has extensive experience in proceeding with technology breaks such as the introduction of a new smartcard generation, an operation now common for Viaccess teams.

By doing so, SRG SSR idée suisse will enhance protection of the signal broadcasted to its subscribers in all countries covered by the satellite beam, pursuing its high quality standard in respect of both its subscribers and its right owning partners. SSR SRG Idée Suisse pays special concern to make this transition seamless for subscribers using officially certified Viaccess Set Top Boxes.