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    Default Need help to watch TPS

    Hi to all those who work to keep this forum alive, and full of sat info. I have known this great forum for a while and today I decided to join. I'm fairly new to satellite TV and therefore my aim at the moment is to learn from all of you experts and newbies alike, I don't know much, but whatever I know I'll share it with you all. Thank you for giving me the opportunity.
    I shall start by asking for help with how I can watch TPS on my Humax IRCI5400. I downloaded ToH 3.4 hot 7.6 and emu.7.6_Auto.TPS to my receiver, and tried to load Key bin using DSR 9500 emu ed 5.4_cw . but when I check using parser editor I find RAM showing 0s everywhere! can anyone help, many thanks.

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    welcome to the forum. please visit http://www.********.com/f2/viewtopic....1670&start=795 as it has a very active discussion about your problem.
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    when you use dsr9500 enu ed ver 5.4 cw
    before load key bin make sure click on "?"
    go to settings and select humax def
    then go to pc type and select default
    then go to comport and select com port
    connect your pc with your humax
    now before go to file and open bin key
    make sure in your humax ToH Config
    card blocker is off and you stop on
    fta free channel now switch off humax
    and switch on you can now open bin key
    and send to your humax also there is
    something important while you load
    bin key to your humax i mean while
    download counting% try change channel
    using remote control if channel change
    that means there is something wrong in
    your steps and you have to start from
    beginning and if channel didn't change
    that means you done steps correctly and
    keys load to your humax successfully.



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