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    Default Sharing prin portul serial de la Dreambox

    Am tot cautat si nu m-am elucidat inca. Se poate face sharing din DM500 prin portul RS232 la un alt receiver. Adica sa obtii o varianta mai ieftina decat sa cumperi doua dreambox-uri .

    Ma intereseaza daca a experimentat cineva (si pe ce receivere) si mai ales daca se poate asa ceva .

    Pur si simplu DM500 sa ii furnizeze cheile primite unui alt receiver dar prin portul serial de aceasta data .

    Multumesc anticipat pentru raspuns .

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    Se poate cu receptoarele care stiu SSSP (nu stiu care stie asa ceva)

    SSSP – Simple Serial Sharing Protocol

    This Protocol defines the communication between a DVB Box and a gbox by using a RS232(serial/com/tty port) with only 4 commands to implement.

    RS232 communication settings
    115200 8N1 (115200 Baud, 8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit)
    To activate add in the gbox_cfg R: { 01 } for com1, or R: { 02 } for com2
    W: and V: should be deactivated 00 00
    When developing Software you can activate thers232 debug messages by adding
    10 to the R: parameter, a example for com1 would be R: { 11 }

    Format of data
    AB CD EF GH ....

    AB = Command
    CDEF = length of the data following
    GH ... = data

    Total length is CDEF + 3 (1 byte command + 2 bytes len)

    Command 0x means from STB to gbox
    Command Fx means from gbox to STB

    SEND PMT = 01 (send PMT to gbox)
    01 xx xx yy yy zz zz zz zz data ....
    xx = Len
    yy = SID ( byte 2 and bytes 3 from the PMT)
    zz = PMT CRC32 (last 4 bytes in the PMT)
    Data = CAID1 (2 bytes) PID1 (2 bytes) PROVIDER1 (3 bytes) CAID2 PID2 PROVIDER2 ....
    Provider is only used in Seca and Viaccess, in other systems put 00 00 00
    For Seca use 00 xx yy and for viaccess xx yy z0

    On each channel change the DVB box must send the PMT first, on FTA Channels please send: 01 00 06 yy yy zz zz zz zz

    SEND ECM = 03 (send ECM to gbox)
    03 xx xx yy yy ecm_data ....
    xx = len
    yy = pid

    Note: Please send every ecm only once, do not send the same ecm multiple times.

    REQUESTING PIDS DATA = F1 (receive ECM pid list )
    F1 xx xx pid1 pid2 pid3 ....
    xx = Len
    pidx = 2 bytes for each pid

    Please send me ECM data from these pids only, close all other already open.

    CW RETURN = F2 (receive ControlWords)
    F2 00 10 cw1 (8 bytes) cw2 (8 bytes)

    Command flow on a channel change
    1. DVB box sends PMT with command 01 on a channel change
    2. gbox sends pid list of the ecm's it can handle with command F1
    3. DVB box sends ECM's (from all pids in the pid list) with command 03
    4. gbox sends CW's with command F2
    5. As soon the gbox has success in decoding a ecm it sends again a F1 command
    with one pid only, the DVB box should close then all other pids and from
    now on send only ecm data from that pid.

    After this command 03 and F2 will be repeated until a channel change.

    On the next channel change the DVB should close all open pids and repeat the
    above procedure.

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    Foarte interesant raspunsul si foarte documentat .

    O sa ma interesez care receptoare au asa ceva , ma gandesc sa vad daca nu cumva si astea banale folosite pentru cascadat focus sau max au implementat asa ceva .

    Ar fi util si parerea cuiva care s-a jucat cu chestia asta sau mai bine zis cineva care poate sa ne dea exemple de asemenea receptoare .

    Si ma gandesc si la un cablu serial destul de lung de vreo 12m .

    Multumesc mult pentru raspuns si astept in contiunuare solutii .



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