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    Default tps/multivision keys?

    any1 has the working tps & multivision keys? if so please post them:P thanx!

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    U might found them by now but here they are it is a french time so ull have to calculate the diference in times zone
    00h07 F08E497AEA2D2CAA 8A945C35DCC20584 ; 5 septembre 2006
    00h43 9F3FB9C0D32C0219 4FEFE3FA1BB74D37
    00h51 85783BA22B93477B 3F90FBCFB793D77F
    01h26 F08E497AEA2D2CAA 8A945C35DCC20584
    01h40 5ED5767709F59434 CB9BBE0518EB1614
    02h55 9685B18E320DCBD5 D28D39C7A2E76703
    04h06 40C56E51D2FF3756 5BD484436D094A01
    05h36 089562F9EC06389C A4853B472C8C6A08
    06h11 C62A3049BA3663FD EF156C277B2A15F9
    07h45 50E61C2E8A58E6C1 3E75163C9239B8AC
    09h27 A49DF7A3DAEEF18F BCFC17A0178440C4
    10h33 6EE5173662F96663 8454C94E9B328177
    11h19 ECA20D3C28997744 74649C42023DDD5D
    11h42 FBF105F44AB0AF5D 4496B649C1BE92EF
    12h02 AE22AE5114AEE1C2 6AEC6CD0BED15020
    12h40 B3546EB8630230F8 4AB8A453709E4CCA
    13h04 4D8E7F3FD205504C 5C2EB9C29650B783
    13h33 E638D51D620EF22F 6C8D6144483AE773
    13h47 0B0226BC1EF9F641 87CF5E4EFD92BAAA
    14h26 7957F89008849351 3ECF9BB302D8A1C0
    14h46 6F4EEB314E10C5B8 E266A4955F532755
    15h06 468C81C1DF2A3C6C E3031986CD9E8312
    15h34 AA61A7D19640DC11 2796F79C75925C81
    16h32 31D6B9304E8BDA5C FBD8D2553911D1E5
    16h54 783EC3990B437C33 05C9F74FDF4C6FBC
    17h25 39DE01239786E845 F3D567CB317CCC3D
    18h00 C0339BEBE616D446 2FB1D17046251D19
    18h43 7D89F693889324D5 91846F9C630B923D
    19h24 D3643ECE9C4C561D D6821FDDF9D3FBA5
    19h42 F73A989A823684FD EB6B492EE374CE1B
    20h16 E73E650363EFE8F4 6A008BC31D3F8592
    20h43 8A6946AB3538D4AD 87A07725284D8B96
    20h55 85783BA22B93477B 3F90FBCFB793D77F
    21h15 EEC4FCAA7EB2F610 32B762AAEA5BC1DE
    21h41 0458410E6255DB58 219BBCE8A1996A0C
    22h09 258723939CB32162 FD8925795AB67828
    22h40 B6F8BC44CCE44DC6 A43F19C744E60036
    23h05 96D41F0C07F31AA0 300161BBE73A0F74
    23h30 6EE5173662F96663 8454C94E9B328177
    23h49 0B0226BC1EF9F641 87CF5E4EFD92BAAA
    00h06 C5D2D3FE7B8A0807 7F728CF655049FB4 ; 6 septembre 2006
    00h27 78A9292C80655226 D7FA7426B8FB7364
    01h02 DB6C027F65244360 81A50B6465F376A4
    01h20 3AB28CC57F8A036E 99628CFBA67DE143
    01h38 783EC3990B437C33 05C9F74FDF4C6FBC
    02h48 9FA82E3D0F159C2E A25CDA2E96D233D5
    04h29 9EA0FC6A34FA40B8 3C2271CDD79F4BC1
    04h58 E4BE74D1F0B53DD3 683225B57071BDC8
    06h04 2C7352B1700837B5 7FB005D1B759ED2C
    08h13 04F1C721213A1862 58886D1E3CF84474
    08h33 C62A3049BA3663FD EF156C277B2A15F9
    09h47 75A08766E7934516 D9C4B67EB38E98E8
    11h21 FA1A49C417F93318 0978F375B7385EBA
    11h29 BF216E239DD104A7 7C67FD8EC75A9724
    12h04 888C15BAEF39F405 BC8E54033D314FA9
    12h36 30D1C3A359C01D1F C6BE82183DF61CA0
    12h50 47754B744A477A18 1E3EC658A387E14E
    13h24 218AAC3D4C2BB00F DB63DEBDC06A3EB0
    13h48 B184216E4D5B92AF D5BB6B5E19B59896
    14h21 FF2078526D429B5C 6F54D8732EBB1C44
    14h41 7917AE1D9B7BA26E 07FC86320F19CB25
    15h20 8CAAD0D5DE548C4F D58B474CF7F7314B
    15h41 783EC3990B437C33 05C9F74FDF4C6FBC
    16h10 8D7F1E5A8828CA88 62BD1B7253D950A3
    16h41 9AA4944491983751 CDE2F80F01A4A0C4
    16h56 089562F9EC06389C A4853B472C8C6A08
    17h37 FA1A49C417F93318 0978F375B7385EBA
    18h05 17F867F163AE8839 BDBF50DCB939366D
    18h17 656183BB1A05E992 B9AC44220AE323C1
    18h48 9898D86BD6C0E6AE 5719AC2380F00F65
    19h24 F40404D4E0782685 EF69CAE024659ACA
    19h41 AA8DD4F242645729 C5E4F49A7885BCDE
    20h15 78A9292C80655226 D7FA7426B8FB7364
    20h40 9D1F4F2EE3920C86 76C132079C6F3BFC
    20h57 2F9046DCD98E27EA 196BE90AB5224794
    21h20 39DE01239786E845 F3D567CB317CCC3D
    21h51 C7BB4EC5FDAAB3E5 B26A78A1E5DEE2E3
    22h16 2E6E34C434D5A07B 2CD0673C3A60020B
    22h27 5ADF68821663658F B3DD990E6D048D3E
    23h07 6213CA33D0B60C71 29ECE8F2D1341C2E
    23h21 D613D8C4E2F7F7D8 3284C72DFC9D8DF2
    23h51 63F6382C71054107 69CA4EC2460F7E24
    00h09 202DC237C612C372 5607EDE44E62572F ; 7 septembre 2006
    00h39 85783BA22B93477B 3F90FBCFB793D77F
    01h05 D51E8F3D55C956DA D4CE5A602FE0A2E5
    01h19 C5C54B68DF1FBFC6 45E1F5F1DF4BC5EA
    01h39 BB0A9FED3D145B60 0ED419DA6EE1E0B3
    03h12 8C9591DA665D4FA3 8E8C23CD9CC03B64
    04h24 A6E145650133562B 769E934DAB3CA5EC
    05h11 648E858FDE2E0960 063B1699A404F38E
    06h00 7917AE1D9B7BA26E 07FC86320F19CB25
    07h11 73C6F584ED585D90 5932519CC2657560
    09h05 5ABBECAFADC703B2 91B428D7C807FBAC
    10h54 8D7F1E5A8828CA88 62BD1B7253D950A3
    11h03 9685B18E320DCBD5 D28D39C7A2E76703
    11h29 39DE01239786E845 F3D567CB317CCC3D
    12h09 F08E497AEA2D2CAA 8A945C35DCC20584
    12h23 B131F61813EF8381 3BDFA3394F1F0237
    12h59 404E014B5BDCF54E AFE59E1754C13753
    13h31 A6E145650133562B 769E934DAB3CA5EC
    13h51 48DFB0458EE3C377 E4006A41DAD9E876
    14h19 D18645DBECE8FA21 61DBB01FDE07B778
    14h41 5807395C763CA17C 4AC9AA418E36C915
    15h24 9492FA97974A8A5F F101048C43A56799
    15h45 2E6E34C434D5A07B 2CD0673C3A60020B
    15h59 DC4074CEE64501A0 EC76DD257A420876
    16h33 AE22AE5114AEE1C2 6AEC6CD0BED15020
    17h03 48DFB0458EE3C377 E4006A41DAD9E876
    17h40 67202FF32F447B813A9701E5EF372411
    17h54 0458410E6255DB58219BBCE8A1996A0C
    18h16 E3A1A66E51348218B3E7573AFC9CA88F
    18h52 F73A989A823684FDEB6B492EE374CE1B
    19h25 04F1C721213A186258886D1E3CF84474
    19h45 9685B18E320DCBD5D28D39C7A2E76703
    20h03 F012D14B52E35D59A247335D0A850E4A
    20h43 5FC9C635A9E898BF7F18706863ACD7D0
    20h53 C5C54B68DF1FBFC645E1F5F1DF4BC5EA
    21h31 D1C320FCA9CBAD71352E2D17A1118DC3
    21h53 AFF22C18D10D6C06E0B6DAEAB366E4AD
    22h08 B9A83D7B1F69E14A2BF9DBE79337DC3C
    22h28 950F49DF57B3F58A76E5ED53182802B5
    23h07 89BBE424A77230514705D7F5FF948749
    23h37 3F863BD9C7EA9C16BB6CEF008A2ABBFA
    23h45 9EA0FC6A34FA40B83C2271CDD79F4BC1
    00h11 261431C96A2E844AFE54B89E778305D6 ; 8 septembre 2006
    00h37 39DE01239786E845F3D567CB317CCC3D
    00h50 B3546EB8630230F84AB8A453709E4CCA
    01h28 ED0243D701643A3A2666E41384678C36
    Knowledge is power

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    Default Help!

    Can somebody help me? My receiver can only accommodate 16-digit number keys.

    Pls. let me know how to enter the 32 numbers. And please, also, where to put those numbers? in 01 or 11, or what?


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    here you go

    F08E497AEA2D2CAA 8A945C35DCC2058 (example if u have 32 keys)

    007c00 provider id

    01 F08E497AEA2D2CAA
    11 8A945C35DCC2058

    use the same format -- u can watch it

    best regards
    Hivion HV-9090x



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