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Thread: JTAG

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    Default JTAG

    Is there any one explain me what is JTAG? How it is working?
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    Default Re: JTAG

    Quote Originally Posted by satpalchat1
    Is there any one explain me what is JTAG? How it is working?
    Dear friend, check this...

    JTAG is an interface that you can buy or make, which allows you to completely erase and reprogram the Flash chip in the receiver in case your receiver becomes unusable when you make a software upgrade with the wrong software, or if you upgrade badly by the wrong method.

    It needs special software to use it, and you also need a copy of the whole original image of your receiver's flash chip.

    it is a dangerous tool if you don't know what you are doing, it can destroy your receiver completely. So it is not something you should make and use unless you really need to play with many receivers and don't mind destroying one or two while you learn.

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