I have downloaded the BIN file from a site ...... can anybody tell me how to update my Receiver This is Neosat 9800i Satellite Receiver Previously one of my friends used to update my Receiver but now he had gone to Canada and I have no clue how to go about it

Can you please give me a step-by-step instructions for performing this update OR can you pass me the URL or link where this is already explained

What I have done so far is that I used STBMulti1.7 to upload the BIN file to my Receiver; I selected the appropriate COM Port i.e. COM1 ==> Speed = 115200 ==> Program Only ==> Upload and then pressed CONNECT ........ after this I switched ON my receiver and the Progress Indicator Bar started showing the update ...... It shows "Upload completed successfully BUT when I look at the INFO of my 9800i; it is still showing the Original Software version and its respective date I tried to change the Option from "Program Only" to "Program ALL" and then did the same procedure again ........ same old software being shown ........ then I repeated the procedure by selecting "MasterSoft" ....... still NO luck

Am I doing it right ? If yes, then why doesn't the Receiver showing the new software date Moreover, nothing has changed in Channel viewing too