PAS 8 166E "BBC World" has left 12644 V.(Weeks ago...)

Optus B3 152E 12525 V "Sigaram" is now encrypted.

Express AM3 140E "GTRK Magadan" has left 3617 R, moved to 3577 R.
Express AM3 140E "Kultura Telekanal (+7h) and NTV (+7h)" have left 3875 R, moved to 3675 R.

AsiaSat 3S 105.5E 3647 V "Waseb TV" has started , Fta.(LAST WEEK!)

PAS 4 72E 12666 H "Perviy kanal Europa has replaced Perviy kanal Australia" on , Fta.
PAS 4 72E 12655 V "STS Dixi TV and Radio Noroc" are now encrypted, new SR: 6400.Hit FM Moldova and Radio Chanson Moldova has left.

PAS 10 68.5E 3782 V "Bethel TV" has started on , Fta, SR 1471, FEC 3/4.