* Provider, Frequency, symbol rate and FEC displayed on infobar (dependent on skin)
* Picon integrated in Gemini (the PNG file must have the same name as the channel) -> Installation of Picicons via Blue Panel
* True automount, examples in var/etc/automount.conf. Devices get mounted automatically and also erased if they are not in use for longer than 2 minutes
(only working if the kernel of Gemini 3.1 is in use)
* Installation of addons via browser
* Dreamnetcast revised
* Multisocket support for more camd's
* attend cvs

This MaxVar Image is only running in flash (it has been only tested that way). Please do only use DreamUp and don´t forget the flash erase. Do not use other tools like FW or DCC. The image is otherwise identical to the "normal" images.

Gemini 3.10 DM56x0/Triax MaxVar