I am totally new to this receiver thing,
There evry1 , I work in Mid east (Riyadh) , I need some help from you guys, if you can please help me out of this.
I updated the receiver with the latest software and its TECHNOSAT 6000 plus
The guy who used this earlier said he watched all the channels including xx
Now when I try to search it scans all the satellites but doesn’t show up the channels I need , not even in encryption , and when I put the frequencies manually from LYNGSAT it scans and says 0 programs, I don’t know what to do , could you pls pls help me step by step with this receiver , on how to install and search for the channels ,
One more thing , there is another starsat receiver in other room with my colleagues , and they have some 900 channels including xx, why don’t I get those when my cable is connected to the same dish .
Sorry to have put it so much
Any help will be kindly appreciated,
Thank you