NeotionCAM Ragabbader's Exclusive Preview

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The New NeotionCAM MPEG4

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This CAM is based on Neotion disruptive technology. The MPEG 4 Plug n Play Modules enable Digital Tv sets (iDTV and DCR) and set top boxes to receive MPEG4 AVC and IP Contents.

By Inserting it in the Common Interface (CI) Slot , Neotion Modules allow custmors to easily access the becoming emergence of IP Based TV, Video on Demand and interactive services in addition to the reception of the encrypted digital channels.

CAM Applications :

MPEG4 - Broadcast
Video on Demand
Digital TV Recording
Home Networking

CAM Benefits :

Complete MPEG Decoder
Low-cost solution to upgrade any legacy digital TV Sets to MPEG4 AVC Technology
Interoperability with home devices
DVD Home cinema quality
Support any Conditional Access and Smart Cards
Superior hardware security and copy protection engine

Neotion CAM product range includes :

MPEG4 Conditional Access module : replaces a regular set-top box to give viewers access to encrypted and MPEG4 channels.

WIFI IP MPEG4 module : Enabels your TV Set to receive contents from the Internet and from other wirless consumer digital devices such as PC.

Ethernet MPEG4 module : allows the digital TV set to communicate with any digital devices via the widely deployed Ethernet technology.

PLC MPEG4 module : allowas the digital TV Set to communicate with any digital devices using Power Line networking in Home Plug Invironment .

WIFI IP/Bluetooth MPEG4 module : Enabels your TV set to receive from the Internet and from other Blutooth-enabled digital devices such as a mobile phones , PDA and digital cameras.

MPEG 4 Digital Recording (DVR) module : Allows users to simply record and pase television programs while watching Broadcast TV

Also here is some pictures of the other version FlyCAM , It's HD SUPPORTED CAM