hi all- i have mpeg decoder card from optibase family cost 1000$ and i built filter for it to work with most dvb applications mytheatre -ritzdvb-altdvb(altxro helped me to build it for the alt-and progdvb the new vers. after 4.75 (ProgDVB Elecard edition full installer for 2000/XP) -it works fine with all the aplications with 15% cpu usage with the free ch. and not more than 40% for the scrambled ch.
but with progdvb for the free ch. 35% and 70% for the scrambled ch.
i know that my pc (cpu 866 -ram 256-displaycard 16mb )poor pc but its mpeg decoder card like skystar1 -i mean i dont need more cpu or more strong pc . please help me . see the pics