ITV is said to have caused a rift with partners in the Freeview consortium over its apparent insistence that forthcoming Freeview Playback digital TV recorders should operate at a restricted fast-forward speed.

According to a source contacted by Marketing magazine, ITV said it wanted the speed at which viewers could fast-forward through ad breaks limited to 16 times normal playback speed. BSkyB's digital TV recorder Sky+ offers a maximum fast-forward speed of 32X while some other devices offer 64X.

In a leader headed 'Those Luddites at ITV', Marketing editor Craig Smith said ITV's stance was "understandable although ultimately doomed".

Freeview unveiled its branded digital TV recorder strategy in May. Research for the consortium that owns and markets the Freeview brand— a joint venture between the BBC, National Grid Wireless, BSkyB, ITV and Channel 4—suggested that while consumers showed high interest in being able to record digital programmes there was little awareness of digital TV recorders.