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    Default NEW !!!! ENIGMA for RELOOK !!!

    This is BETA software, it will probably damage your machine and making it useless.
    In case of disaster please consider using a JTAG cable to restore bootloader.

    To re-install a standard DGS image it's necessary to flash a full usb_all.img type as the enigma image changes
    Boot loader, db and logo partitions
    The software is released AS-IS, there is no warranty, so in other words, install this at your own risk.

    Enigma 1.08 release for Relook R400S

    This Enigma release is the STANDARD enigma image build for the dreambox machines

    The sources are available on and must checked-out using the appropriate
    branch or release, no addition for customization for relook hardware was added to the
    enigma executable.

    Changes from the STANDARD Enimga image.

    added the /share/doc directory, the current kernel configuration used to compile the image and
    the fp.h headerfile to create userspace programs able to modify the VFD fonts or change RC mapping.

    added a symbolic link to:

    /lib/ -> /var/lib/
    to add libcrypt just create a directory in /var/lib and place the file there.

    The rcS script was modified, to display the erase message on the vfd display.


    sleep 1
    if [ $mID -ne 07 ] ; then
    /bin/boot || init=1
    if [ $init -eq 1 ] ; then
    /bin/eraseall /dev/mtd/1

    echo "KEY UP ERASES" > /dev/dbox/fp0

    sleep 1
    if [ $mID -ne 07 ] ; then
    /bin/boot || init=1
    if [ $init -eq 1 ] ; then
    echo "Erasing Flash" > /dev/dbox/fp0
    /bin/eraseall /dev/mtd/1
    echo "Done " > /dev/dbox/fp0
    echo "Enigma Loads" > /dev/dbox/fp0

    As you can see writing text to the vfd display is simple like 123 ,
    just echo a string to the /dev/dbox/fp0 device driver.

    The driver emulates the rc input of the dbox , the dreambox and the input keyboard.
    The lcd driver is not present as the relook has no lcd.

    The machine is initially configured as a Triax DVB272S a dm56x0 clone.
    This configuration has a default red skin, that can however be changed in the skin menu.

    The bootlogo is a iframe like on dreambox images, the iframe must be encoded like the build
    image in dreambox images.
    When packing the iframe with mkwelcome the header must have compression type set to 3.

    this is the 16 bytes header of the welcome partition:
    0001247D Data Len
    00000003 Compress Type id (3 for iframe, 2 jpeg and 1 gzipped )
    00000000 backround color
    the data following is the REAL mpeg2 cbr @ 15000kbps iframe data. (the mvi or m2v file)

    The iframe bootlogo works only with this bootloader.

    Partition mapping:
    partition order has been modified to respect the same one on the dreamboxes machines.

    Original (values may vary, but not the partition order).
    mtd0: 00040000 00010000 "nor.config_welcome"
    mtd1: 00140000 00010000 "nor.kernel"
    mtd2: 00420000 00010000 "nor.root"
    mtd3: 00230000 00010000 "nor.db"
    mtd4: 00030000 00010000 "nor.boot"
    mtd5: 00560000 00010000 "nor.kernel_root"
    mtd6: 00790000 00010000 "nor.kernel_root_db"
    mtd7: 007d0000 00010000 "nor.all_noboot"
    mtd8: 00800000 00010000 "nor.all"

    New partition mapping , mtd1 and mtd3 are swapped.
    mtd0: 00040000 00010000 "nor.config_welcome"
    mtd1: 00290000 00010000 "nor.db"
    mtd2: 003e0000 00010000 "nor.root"
    mtd3: 00120000 00010000 "nor.kernel"
    mtd4: 00030000 00010000 "nor.boot"
    mtd5: 00500000 00010000 "nor.kernel_root"
    mtd6: 00790000 00010000 "nor.kernel_root_db"
    mtd7: 007d0000 00010000 "nor.all_noboot"
    mtd8: 00800000 00010000 "nor.all"

    This way jffs2 is set as partition 1, the squashfs as partition 2 and the kernel as partition 3.
    All other partitions are unchanged.

    The bootloader was modified to not scanning anymore the jffs2 partition
    (so also not having it will save your day), it loads some defaults for the first stage
    then loads the setting when enigma starts.
    Linux now loads with the full 64 megs memory option instead of 59.

    The eeprom has now 3 more fields , the videomode (pal/ntsc) the mID (model Id) and the cap
    (capability) that is for now reserved for future use.

    Video Format switch
    The boot loader now makes ntsc or pal without needing to have two images (one for pal and one for ntsc)
    To change video format KEEP pressed the arrow up key on the front panel until the menu appears.
    arrows change selection and ok saves the choice to eeprom, the power button reboots without saving.
    To reset the system to PAL: poweron the box keeping pressed the OK key on the front panel, the video
    format setting will be restored to the PAL (default)

    Machine ID change
    Normally it is not possible to change the mID variable and with that the personality of the box.
    This boot loader will allow this, but keep in mind that it is not recommended to use a mID of a box
    that has different features and processor.
    For example, setting the mID to DM7000 or DM70200 will not make things go better as the relook 400 is
    not a DM7000 nor a 7020, it has a different hardware and different devices.
    The closest configuration to the Relook400 is the DM5620 or DM500 and of course the Triax DVB272S.
    There in the mID list there is also the possibility to set Relook400, Mutant200 or Relook510, but keep in
    mind that these configurations are NOT SUPPORTED in enigma and you will probably get the RC to not work
    plus more little things not supported.

    The Relook mID's are 20 for mutant and 40 for Relook400, also a mid for Relook510 was reserved but
    as that machine is still under development.
    The Teams that are now adapting enigma for relook can use mid 20 and mid 40 for mutant200 and relook400.

    To access the mID changing utility, simply poweron the box and KEEP pressed the Right Arrow button on the
    front panel, the navigation in the menu is done with the arrow keys, ok confirms and save's and power reboots
    without saving.

    After changing the model id it is recommended to erase the flash keeping pressed the up arrow button on the
    front panel when requested during boot sequence.

    Remote Control Unit:
    Forget about the Relook remote control, and memorize the dreambox one.
    the keys were remapped to be more similar to the DM rcu than to the relook one.
    some keys had to be redefined, for example the radio/tv switches to radio mode, and the key following (A camera
    on a treepod) will make you go back to TV mode.
    It will be your pleasure discovering the keys

    There is no dual tuner support for now (and we do not know if there ever will be)
    the connected tuner is tuner1 , tuner2 is present but not used.

    As this image emulates a Triax DVB272S, there is no HDD support, this is not
    anyway due to the lack of drivers, but to enigma not allowing that machine to
    record on hdd, this because the Triax has no HDD.

    To Add the recording feature , the teams involved in creating enigma image, must
    configure a new mID for the relook 400 adding missing features to the configuration.

    Known Bugs:
    There may be some bugs on the common interface driver and it's quite possible that not all CI's
    work , especially old ones, like ****** or aston's based on eurocam cell.

    The image may not be completely stable as the drivers are still beta, after tests, however, they were not
    less stable than the original dmm ones running on a 7000 box.

    When launching a game it seems impossible to go back to tv mode, just reboot the machine and play games
    on your pc..

    In very old boxes its possible that signs on vfd are corrupted or do not display.

    Note to developing teams:
    You can find the kernel config file under /share/doc ,there's also the include file for the front panel driver.
    Please try to use mID 40 for relook 400 and mID 20 for mutant 200.
    do not EVER NEVER use the module on a mutant as the machine is a quite different and could cause unexpected
    The image for mutant will be available within some months, featuring a brand new driver.
    Driver Updates will be distributed as parts of the image, the driver is free to be used in other images.

    Thanks to...
    All the people involved that gave their contribution and precious time for this project.

    Legal notice.
    Dreambox, Firecrypt are registered trademarks of Dream Multimeda, Triax is a trademark of Triax international. [/b]

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    Default P.S.

    P.S. doritorii pot primi aceasta imagine ! PM

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    Cam tarziu a aparut
    Modified Original Smart Cards N3!Pentru clone,pentru piraterie,orice fara bani

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    Living an analog lifestyle in a digital world

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    Default NU !

    NU ! este o imagine BETA ( functionala dar in regim de teste avansate ) care arata ca si imaginea oficiala de la Dreambox sau ca Gemini ... asta este elementul senzational ! are un pic peste 5Mb ... deocamdata nu pot da detalii pana nu reusesc sa o si instalez !



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