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Thread: K 3 Card -- HOT

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    Default K 3 Card -- HOT

    Intoducing the NEW K3 Card RSA Security Smartcard with O/S EEPROM: 64 KB Crypto: RSA, DSA, ECC

    Compatible with phoenix type programmers (3.5Mhz) Infinity USB Phoenix/Infinity USB Unlimited/Dynamite/Smartmouse & CAS3

    Opens C+ fr , kiosk, TPS astra + Hotbird

    Order Online

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    So hot that the support site is down and that the card has already been removed from your shop Ahahahhahhaha

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    Quote from EDIRECT
    Well your right m8 that it is a knot 3 card ...'
    Since i still have dead M2 / Knot 1 / Knot 2 / Pentacards / Cerebro

    I have removed such nasty crap from my website

    These Bad commercial cards have given us such a bad name over the last 7 years with the general public . Blind as we was we supported these gangster's and have woken up after 7 years to smell the rose's .... >>

    We can ONLY say sorry to the poor people who are scammed by such nasty f****s .

    So to SUPPORT the Public and long Time Members of the FORUM and NEW CUSTOMER'S

    We simply REFUSE to sell any commercial cards on our website

    These Gangster's can sell there crap with some other dealer
    also i will say this

    Any Satellite Dealer who sell commercial cards are infact just as bad as them .
    Everyone should stay well clear of any Dealer who sell commercial cards

    They alll Piss in the Same Pot

    We want our credit back that these ganster's have taken away .So its goodbye commercial cards let some other dodgy dealer take the blame



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