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    Default Gemini 3.0 MaxVar

    Quote Originally Posted by yanq
    Gemini 3.0 MaxVar (modifi)

    - kernel 2.6.9 from cvs 22.7.2006 VAR , 3MB

    - BusyBox v1.01 (2006.07.23-08:55+0000) Built-in shell (ash)
    + telnet client and some others (only for missed telnet client )

    - Dropbear multi-purpose version 0.44
    rsa key is generated to /var/etc/dropbear/dropbear_rsa_host_key
    after restart

    - ssh client (dbclient) ssh [email protected]

    - added for mounting of the samba servers
    for this only remove # from line sleep 15 && > /dev/null
    and make changes in /var/bin/ for ip of the samba
    server , password and sharedir

    - added GP bootlogo

    - possibility use own bootlogo
    from /var/tuxbox/config/enigma/pictures/mylogo

    - added directories for crond /var/spool/cron/crontabs
    for your own aplication set start of the crond from /var/etc/init
    (uncomment line sleep 15 && /var/bin/crond &)
    set /var/spool/cron/crontabs/root with your app

    - prepared for Midnight Commander 4.61 addon

    - fixies : added little apache to busybox for function from gemini menu -
    not function properly in modifi version before

    added CIFS 1.44 prepatch to kernel - missed in versions before

    For instalation from maxvar (modifi) versions before use root.cramfs + factory reset or dreamup.

    For instalation from another versions it's better to use dreamup.

    MD5 : 47AFD4F8A607B8CE89B6CBB83D4FBDDA gemini300maxvar_db500.img
    +- 4 960 256 bytes

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    Yessss. finally.

    Mersi frumos

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    Mi-am facut azi timp si am instalat aceasta imagine si am descoperit un mare defect. Sunt curios daca e doar la mine sau a aparut si la altii. Cand ii dau sa-si ia automatic IP, pentru a conecta Dream-ul direct la net prin modemul de internet acesta nu il ia decat daca bifez casuta DHCP si pe urma ii dau un restart Dream-ului prin a-l scoate din priza, nu merge daca ii dau restart enigma ci trebuie neaparat scos din prizda. Am instalat imaginea normala(nu Max Var) si isi ia automatic IP-ul. Oare sa caut MaxVar-ul de pe alt site decat adresa data aici?

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    Eu folosesc dreamul numai cu IP local fix . Care este avantajul ? Toate softurile de pe PC care se conecteaza la dream au setat IP-ul fix si se conecteaza imediat .

    Care e avantajul la IP DHCP la dream ?

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    Posibil ca la tine Vasilis scula care este si serv DHCP sa nu fie chiar ok setata sau sa aiba un bug in sw.

    Eu mai nou folosesc DHCP in LAN-ul meu deoarece routerul care il am acum stie sa asigneze IP fix ptr anumite MAC-uri ( dreamuri si calc locale), asta ma scuteste de setari cind vine vre-un prieten cu laptop-ul in LAN-ul meu.

    Deci Gemini MaxVar-ul 3.0 care-l folosesc pe 2x DM500 in LAN merge OK, nu am nici o problema cu asignarea IP-ului prin DHCP de catre router.



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