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    Default dongles,,,descrambling,,theories

    as i am sh*t with computers,is a dongle a device that fits on to a computer for sending/receiving data wirelessly?
    if so,does anyone think it would be possible to use dongle to pick up signal from wireless card sharing device[with genuine card installed]and then store signal as a file,then send file to someone else,who could then play back file to a client card.
    do dongles work on same frequency[2.4ghz ?]as wireless card sharing device,?
    would the client card know if it was getting signal from genuine card transmitter,or signal from computers dongle?
    could computer give off an emulating signal at the right frequency to fool the client card into thinking it was getting the signal from the genuine card.
    experiments would only be for educational purposes.not for watching pay tv

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    yo motorbud!

    i'm not a pro either but i'll help from my point of view. A dongle as what i know is a loopback device that is connected to a communication port. e.g. on a serial or parallel port (com / LPT) port. If you happen to have an external SCSI device on your computer, youll notice that there's a device connected on your SCSI device port or cable end which ppl call it a SCSI terminator. that is an example of a dongle, except for it's functions.

    A dongle is a serial/parallel connecter that has a special chip inside that will interpret signals and transmit it back in a loop. however, function of the dongle depends on what chip programs were installed and most of dongles in the market have their special purposes. e.g software licensing (to activate product effectively against normal serial/keygen piracy), maintenance agreement (to set a counter for certain software such as digitizing/scanning documents, printing controlled documents) so that the software will cease function if it reaches a certain limit until a service or maintenance agreement signed.

    Since i'm using MATRIX REVOLUTION BOX (Angelbox L332 Firmware), there's a need to have a dongle on this STB itself. it will loop from the SUB tuner serial to the SUB Video input. i'm not sure how these things work, but, it does the job. it decrypt the signals and i could watch paytv programs for free but god knows how long. I wont be using it for long either, just experiencing and experimenting Satellite technologies. well, in Malaysia, a satellite dish bigger than 2 feet is illegal and the only satellite dish you could have is the one provided from ASTR0.



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